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The Benefits of Laughter

Canadian Counselling And Psychotherapy Association: The Benefits of Laughter

Bob Saget on Grief: "Laughter is Healing"

Laughter as a healing tool in grief

"What comedy in Grief?

How could there be anything funny

about the loss of our loved ones?"

Those were the initial responses by many of us when we first heard the suggestions of several of My Grief Angels' community members and volunteers; including several stand-up comedians, to create a new section on                      "Comedy & Grief: Using laughter as a healing tool in grief"

The videos & articles  below are some of the initial resources suggested by community members.

They are about people who have found laughter helpful in their grieving and

about comedians who make grief funny.  If you use the research and/or suggested resources here,

please give the "My Grief Angels' Volunteers" the credit they deserved for this effort.

If you have other suggestions - please forward their links to

with the subject line - "Laughter"

This section is being launched on the day we learned of the

unexpected death of a Comic many of us grew up with, Bob Saget. 

Bob found that "Laughter is Healing" in dealing with Grief.


Many of the suggested videos below use Adult Language.