If you are here,

You are likely grieving or know someone who is, and

our thoughts are with you and yours.

My Grief Angels', a social services and human services non profit organization, free grief online course/resources, mobile app and our online volunteer community of people grieving can never take away the pain you may be experiencing now, and

Our only hope is that some of our shared personal experiences, suggestions of grief support resources by type of loss experienced, challenges and strategies in getting thru our grieving process and grief attacks  may be of some help to some of you.

We are not mental health professionals, only people grieving like yourself who found ourselves here in our own search for grief resources, information and education during one of the worst times of our lives.

Central to our mission is to provide 24/7 access to all these online resources at no cost to anyone anywhere, so no mandatory donations, subscription or membership fees, no mandatory sign up, product or service purchase or any other type of participation commitment is required at any time to access any of the resources on this Online Community, Online Course, Website & Mobile App

Below are excerpts from the "Angels Wall" Online Community Postings on the Free "Grief Support Network" Mobile App.

​My Grief Angels ("MGA"), a social services & human services non profit organization for and by people grieving,

of people coping with loss and helping each other

by leveraging new technologies


to find the latest resources,


information and

shared experiences on grief, including:

- How grief can impact our health;

- How have others coped with their grief and grief attacks;

- How have others put their grief in motion;

- How have others turned their grief into something positive;

- What are the resources available for our type of loss,

and more...

MyGriefAngels.org is for & by: 

- the 10+ MILLION People in the US that will  face grief this year; 

- the 210+ Million People that will 
grieve worldwide this year, and 

- the Millions that have been Grieving before us.

There are many of us, and we all grieve differently, but one common bond in our experiences is that the vast majority of us (80+%) were not ready to deal with the death of our loved one.

Our hope is that in these pages you, your family & your grief support network get access to information, articles, shared grief coping strategies, and grief support resources / directory available to help you to identify what you will need to navigate your own uncharted waters of Grief. 

"America's 76 MILLION Baby Boomers 
are losing 4,900 of their Parents each day"


         "Each year, about 2.5 million people die nationwide. 

Every Death leaves behind an average of 4 or 5 grieving survivors"

"3.5 % of children younger than 18 will lose their mother or father, according to the Social Security Administration. 

As people now become parents when they are older, this number is likely to increase."

"At least 245 million women around the world have been widowed and more than 115 million of them live in devastating poverty"


 "Bond in Grief....At least 10 People are significantly impacted by Each Death of a Service Member in the Military"                              


"The United States is on track to have its deadliest traffic year since 2007, the National Safety Council says"     
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My Grief Angels  
is for and by the 100,000+ people grieving that use this site yearly