"Angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God"


If you have lost a loved one, you have probably heard it from others who have grieved before you.  You will get signs soon.  When you least expected, you will see signs that will remind you of your loved one.  However, not all of us grieving get or feel these signs, so don't feel there is anything wrong with your grieving process because you do not get any of these so-called signs. In fact, there are many theories on why some of us experience these signs, and our objective in this section is not to dwell into a discussion on why or why not these signs are real, but our singular objective is to enable site visitors share what they have experienced.  

If you feel you  have experienced signs from your loved ones, we would appreciate it if you would share it with others in the form at the end of this section below. Just write it from your heart and from the "I" perspective. We want to know what you saw and felt.  In some cases, we may have to do some minor edits for length and spelling prior to posting.

Additional Sites & Resources on Signs 
At the end of this page, we have also included other sites and resources suggested to us as places where you can learn more about the subject of signs. We are not associated with any of them, and again, provide them here strictly as suggestions for others interested in this subject. If you would like to suggest others, send us an email below.


Shared by Site and Mobile App Visitors

The Photograph 



"Over 801,000 Views hours after posting this old picture of them,

put one of their favorite memories on the front page of reddit ".

Since mom's unexpected death in ICU, dad went into schock, developed PTSD, and that accelerated the onset of Dementia. While prior to her death, he was healthy, driving, and exercising everyday, after her death - his started on a steep decline that found him bed ridden and under 24/7 care less than 3 years after she passed on.

Under the supervision of an excellent mobile care medical unit, and a team of 24/7 caregivers, he was doing well at home until two weeks ago.  We got the call Friday night that his blood test results were not good, and because he had not shown any signs prior to this - both his doctor and us thought it had to be an error with the test, which had happened before. 

Saturday night we got the second test results and they were worse. After consulting with the doctor, we felt the only option was Hospice at home, and they were to start him on that the following morning.

We got on the first flight to Los Angeles on Sunday morning, and were able to spend the afternoon with him. He was alert, eating, joking, watching baseball and enjoying having the whole family together.  He had a good night and as he did most of his life, he talked in his sleep all night. Then at 5 am, my brother for no reason at all, suddenly woke up and rushed to his bedside. Minutes later, he woke us all up as he knew that dad was in his last breaths. 

Like he did every morning since her death, he called out mom's name, but this morning - she responded, as we knew that mom was there to take his hand from my brother and guide him thru. Dad had a single tear of joy from his eyes as they opened wide, and we knew - he was at last with his lifelong partner of 60 years.

This happened right before thanksgiving, and we buried him on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week. Two weeks to the day of his passing, we were still in a sort of surreal phase trying to understand and accept  that all that had just happened right before what we thought was going to be a family thanksgiving get together.  Then that same Friday, their favorite picture of the two of them was posted online, and within hours - it had over 801,000 views and on the front page of reddit.

We knew that was dad sending us all a sign, but specifically to our younger techie brother, because he sent it thru the only medium he knew he would get our younger brother's attention - Online/Social Media, and his message was short, clear and on the picture:

"I am OK and with mom again

"A Heart"

A few days after my husband passed away

I was with a friend.  As soon as I got off the car,

I look down and

found a glass picture frame that had hearts and

it read I'll love you

always and forever.

I knew it was a sign from him.


My oldest son Arthur just passed away 2 months ago and I had been waiting on a sign from him that he was ok. He loved Superman shirts & everyone that attended his funeral wore Superman shirts at the repast.

Three weeks after his funeral I was in Chicago for my first cousin funeral supporting my relatives and feeling a little better. When we were flying back to Texas I started crying on the plane because I knew once I got back Arthur wouldn’t be there to welcome me back home.

I was crying on my husband’s shoulder and I looked up and the passenger directly in front of me was putting his carry on in the overhead and had on a Superman shirt!

We both immediately started laughing.

My husband said “See Arthur watched over us in Chicago and he’s watching over us going back home!” I said of all the people on the plane this guy sat in front of me! "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

"The Car"

My mom passed away 2 years ago.

I went out to her house, not a childhood home but i didn't see my mom before she died for a year or so cuz i didn't want to see her skinny and in bad health cuz that would forever be in my memory so I went out to get some memorabilia.

I went to her car and on her sun visor an angel saying you have an angel watching you. a cute ornament. She was very godly and the sweetest person, and loved angels.  I grabbed that and brought it home.

A couple of months ago I am at our local bottle return place waiting in the car and my girl friend said "isnt that your moms car parked next to us?

I had no idea my sis had sold mom's car 2 days prior. Sure enough it was.

The new owner noticed me looking at her newly bought car not knowing it was my moms.

She came out and I explained who I was. 

She said "there was something left in the backseat.

Does this look familiar? 

It was my mom's pillow that had angels on it. 

She used it to boost her so she could drive.  Very short lady.4 ft 9. 

The chances of this lady parking next me to me ,living in 2 different towns and not knowing each other,  and being parked next to me is slim to none.

The lady said she would sell me the car if I wanted it she could see i was emotional, but i said no. for some reason she hadnt cleaned the car of my moms stuff and my sis must have not known it was there . 

I feel that she was definitely letting me know she was near and I have the pillow in my car as if she was right with me.  I miss her.  I feel bad for not seeing her but we were like 2 peas in a pod.  She knew I was gonna be devastated if she left us so i know she understood my actions.

I kick my self now so bad if i could only turn back the hands of time.

 "Music & Roses"

I became estranged from my dad at the age of 14. We made some contact over the years, but I did not make enough effort. My dad was my hero when I was little. He understood me like no other. Unfortunately my parents got divorced when I was 10, and to put it mildly, they did not handle it well. I eventually felt manipulated to take sides. As an adult, I went on to have my own family, and my own divorce. I should have contacted dad more. My daughters barely knew him at all. We lost him in November of 2017, and the last time I had spoken with him was Father's Day of 2016. I told him I would send photos of my girls, and their children. But, life got in the way, and I didn't send any. The only photo I gave to him was a photo of my girls and me, and I slipped it into his casket. Since his death, I get signs in the form of music. My love of music came from him, and our special bond was music from when he was young, which was the '50s. Buddy Holly was his idol, and the song "Heart and Soul" by The Cleftones, were ones we loved so much. After he died, these songs would just always sort of pop up when least expected. I have also smelled roses. Now in the last 8 years, I have lost several family members. I don't know if it is any of them sending roses or not. But earlier this week, my dad's older sister died, and this morning the smell of roses has returned. I miss my dad. I am still grieving him like it was yesterday. I'm not only grieving him and his life, I am grieving what may have been had I been a better daughter. ​​

"The Black and Purple  Butterfly "

My beautiful daughter passed on 12/21/2016.

Recently I’ve been pointing out to her six-year-old who was before when she died, that mommy comes in lots of forms to check on him. Such as, Cardinals, butterflies, Dragonflies, sometimes maybe even lizards or praying mantises!

So shortly after having a conversation we had a mad rush of the house of these beautiful little Cardinals. And sometimes I would tell him let’s go outside and see if mom is coming today, and sure enough he will come a beautiful red cardinal.

We recently went on vacation which is very difficult for me to do without her, and we were literally bombarded with butterflies and dragonflies at the pool. I know this is my girl because I’m struggling so hard to go on without her though I’m not a quitter and I have to raise this baby. Many days, I really wish I could end it. But I will not, because she didn’t quit on me she didn’t mean to die, I will not quit on her she always says she could count on me at least I hope she did. I’m thankful for your strength I’m thankful for you to show people that you can move forward even in such heavy, crippling grief.

Attached is a picture of this butterfly that land at my office one day when I had had a really horrible week, had cried all day every day I’m so destroyed and I hide it and I compartmentalize it and I deal with it most the time but there are days that I just melt, this particular day I walked down mama eyes out went straight to my office didn’t speak to anybody sat down and looked up and there was this humongous beautiful black and purple butterfly on my window directly in front of my desk..so patiently and flap its wings back-and-forth back-and-forth back-and-forth, literally I’m not exaggerating for five minutes or more, letting me know that she’s there and that she loves me and she forgives me, that I couldn’t save her. God bless you. God bless us all. 


"The Rainbow"

My mother who was also my best friend passed away earlier this year, I’m late January of 2018, leaving me with an empty void in my heart and my being.

I asked her to show me a sign that she I still with me, a warm hello that I needed so much, that was in the morning...a heavy thunderstorm followed that late afternoon, and after the skies cleared, I saw a beautiful rainbow  in the sky, right in my backyard, as of it was just meant for me to see... i strongly felt that my mom was responding to me by saying “hello, I love you Alicia” in the biggest way possible! - that was my mom for sure.

She would have moved mountains, and made rainbows for me during her life, it had to be a sign from her, one of the biggest and most beautiful signs I could ever receive that my mother will always be with me, watching over me and my kids, always right by my side.

Smoke Detectors

I know this might sounds crazy but here it goes.

My husband and I had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Duke (Labrador 12 years) and

I know this isn’t anything like losing a human but to us it hurts very very much.

Anyway. We had a vet come to our home and he passed away peacefully on his bed.

After we placed him in her car and returned inside our home my husband and I embraced and started to cry.

At this exact moment the smoke detectors right above of heads started to go off.

There was nothing cooking or smoking in the house.

I immediately looked at my husband and said, “ that’s Duke. Telling us he’s okay and leaving”.

It didn’t really lessen the pain at that moment but I have it know in my heart.

Duke passed on May 31, 2018. 💔sincerely devastated


I have received signs almost every day since this person left.  I want to tell people but I want to explain about this person because I now realize this was the most important person in my life and I have so much grief and guilt- I had lost contact with this person I hadn't seen her in a while. It was my fault and I had no reason to do what I did.  No good reason.  I loved this woman since the day we met 26 years ago this month.  She was everything I could ever want in a person.  We had a great relationship but we were always with other partners or married.  But we still did so much together.  She died horribly in May.  I found out in June.  No obituary no funeral - nothing. 

We loved music, she introduced me to Metallica - she's been sending me messages through my phone (Pandora) and my boombox or car.  She seems to be picking songs- some she likes or we both liked or significant to us.  Several times 2-3 songs will start then stop then go on to other songs.  Until she finds the right one.  Long ago we had a very intimate moment and the song "crazy train" was playing.  I've heard crazy train 2-3 at the least times a day.  Also I walked into our county fair and a band was playing on the stage and their first song was crazy train. 

The other night ( I work midnight's) I went outside and found a star. I assumed it was her so I asked Rachel - Is that you? Are you OK? I love you Rachel can you give me some kind of sign?"    and I went back in and a song was already going on my radio and I asked the radio "are you talking to me Rachel?" and I got these lyrics -  

"You gotta believe me…I'm talking to you"

The Pigeon

Like many families, we live all over the country, and as our family grows, it is never easy to get together. Schedules and Costs are major hurdles in getting everyone in one place. However, this summer for the first time we got together in New York City for July 4th, a place they would have loved to be at with us.   

And just as I was looking around the room and feeling both happy to have everyone here, but also sad that they were not....a beautiful white pigeon landed on our window and stayed there for quite some time.

Aside from never seeing white pigeons in NYC, we had never had a bird land in our window and least of all, stay as long as this one did.

Then..I got it, and smiled...

They were sending us a sign to let us know they were also there with us. 

The Birthday

"I lost my dad yesterday.

It was his birthday.

I wish I knew what to do, what to think, my mind is numb & I am numb.

My mind goes back to those last moments I gave you some morphine, 

you took a breath and


You were born 6-8-19xx and I guess fate was you had to leave me on 6-8-2017"

Daphne Purple Shrub

"When I received this amazing sign from my Mom she had been gone for ten years but I still I talked to her every day. My husband and I were on holidays in Greece when I got double pneumonia and had to be rushed to a hospital. I was very seriously ill, was terrified because I coudn't breathe and was in a foreign hospital. In the middle of the night , all alone in my hospital room I began talking to her and begging her to be with me and take care of me and help me get well.

The first morning a therapist read my name on my hospital bracelet and when he saw that my middle name is Daphne told me that is a Greek name and in Greece they have a shrub with purple blossoms that is named Daphne.

My husband was staying in a hotel and on his walk to the hospital that morning saw some purple flowers sticking through a fence and picked them for me. I immediately grabbed my phone and looked up a picture of the Daphne shrub and it showed an exact picture of the the flowers my husband had brought me. I know they were from my Mom Daphne to let me know she was there with me!

We also started finding dimes in unexpected and odd places, especially if there was a health crisis happening to a family member. My daughter found a dime on the floor of the xray room when she was having cancer tests. She found another as she stepped out of her car at the hospital emergency when her husband was ill. We have so many dime stories I could write a small book. Mom also comes to me in vivid dreams looking like she did when she was about thirty years old, clothes and hair and standing in our old kitchen from my childhood so I know she is alive and well somewhere just beyond my earthly vision patiently waiting until it's my time to join her. In the meantime she keeps in touch with her dimes and flickering lights at every one of my Dad's birthday parties."

"I Have  Faith"

My daughter Amy died 2 weeks ago.

I really worried about her going to heaven or not.

She visited my 4 yr old grand baby who said she talked with her.

I thought she was talking about an imaginary friend, and

it wasn't until the next morning that I got it.

She kept saying "I have Faith."

I thought it was an imaginary friend but

I realized she was repeating what my daughter had said.

"I have Faith."


When I was growing up we took rv trips every summer from Maine to Texas and dad would try to find new routes so we didn't always go the same way.

After I had my own children we would often talk about those memories our favorite being dads favorite short cut going from Maine to Texas through Canada and yes dad still says it is shorter. Haha the day after my son passed away we went to pick up my niece from Terrell, Texas and bring her down with us to Livingston, Tx.

We routed the GPS and going from Terrell to Livingston.. 

the GPS took us to Canada .

We all laughed. 


"My son loved Elmo when he was young.

On what would have been his 24th birthday,

11 months after he had passed,

I was feeling very lost. Deciding to get out the house,

I was walking past a local second hand shop and

out the front they had a basket full of Elmo dolls.

I brought them all.

Loading them into my car,

one started singing "Happy Birthday to me" and

was doing a funny dance.

It brightened my mood,

I believe it was sign from my son to lift my spirits"

The Greeting Card 

A week after his death, and upon returning home, I was having a very tough day coming to acceptance with his death.  I am an eternal optimist, but today there was not an ounce of optimism in my thoughts.  I stopped at the store to pick up some things for the kids en route home, and the lines at all the open cashiers were very long, but suddenly a new cashier opened up right next to me so I ran over to her.  

As I started to place all the products on the belt, I noticed someone had left a Christmas card on the belt right in front of me. I went to put the card away so I would not damage it, but then I read the message on the front of the card, and I knew they were sending me a message that all was OK, and that I should enjoy my favorite time of the year knowing they were ok.

 The card read: 

"With Lots of Love at Christmas, 

Mom and Dad"

The Crystal Angel

It had been a couple of weeks since dad's passing, and I was at the supermarket getting groceries for the family gathering we were going to have over the weekend.  As I passed some of his favorite foods at the store, he came to mind, and was sadden that I could no longer make him his favorite foods.  Therefore, I decided it was time to go home for now and continue this later.  While leaving the store and still feeling sad, I see this object on the ground glittering with the sunlight underneath my trunk, and after putting the groceries away - I went to move it to make sure it would not damage my tires. To my surprise, it was a crystal angel figurine, and immediately - I knew that was dad sending me a signal.  He would always give me angel figurines and ornaments as presents because I have always loved angels.

The Cigar

My Dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly April 2nd 2015. My sister (32) and I (37) sat at her table the next day still in shock and trying to wrap our heads around planning a funeral for our Dad who we thought would be here much longer than he was. All of a sudden a very distinct and strong smell of our dad's cigar was all around us, it only lasted about a minute or less. It vanished just as fast as it came. It was so strong and we both smelled it at the exact same time, it was like he was smoking at the table. We were both sniffing the air so hard, we did not want it to go away!! It was very comforting to feel his presence with us. It kept happening a few more times to each of us separately, once when i was on the phone with his younger sister who I hadn't talked to in quite a while, guess that made him happy that her and I reconnected? We haven't smelled his smoke since about a week after he passed. It was nice to feel he was with us and comforting us during that very hard time. We know he is in heaven and at peace now, but I'd give anything to smell his cigar again. He sent us a sure sign he is in heaven...


The Monarch Butterfly

Fast forward to August 15th 2015 and that is the day we lost our beloved Grandpa, also suddenly and unexpectedly. I still am having a difficult time grasping the idea that my two first loves and father figures died within 5 months of each other. Ugghh. Well, at my grandpa's funeral service at the burial site a monarch butterfly was dancing around his casket and kept landing on it. It was very special and everyone there noticed it, even the priest kept pausing to watch it.  I truly know that was him, my grandma absolutely loves butterflies, always has. They were married 68 years and she will be lost without him. She feels his presence all the time.  At the funeral home making arrangements for his services, we all sat at a huge round table. None of us within reach of each other. My grandma suddenly grabbed her shoulder and had the chills, assuming it was myself or my mom putting our hand on her shoulder. It was my grandpa there to comfort her as she made sad difficult decisions. She swore one of us was standing behind her because she could feel a presence of someone standing there to comfort her, then the hand on her shoulder was a very cool thing to witness. The funeral director told me that people ask her all the time if she has experienced anything weird or unusual because of her job, she said that was the most intense she has witnessed, she looked shocked when it happened. So hopefully my Dad and Grandpa (my mom's father) are really enjoying the afterlife and I pray they visit me again somehow someway in the near future. Until we meet again my loves. Thanks all for reading and for sharing your personal signs.

Mother's Sign

My mother passed 5 years ago, she wad in so much discomfort. We would try to assure her it was ok to l let go. I knew it was a matter of time, so she tries to comfort me , by telling me not to worry. She told me she would always be with me. I said but I won't know when you are. She said whenever I see a butterfly that's is her at that moment. I have seen butterflies before like anyone else. But I live in Colorado now , and I have seen her in the dead of winter every year since she passed. I am so grateful for the gift  of my mother . And the greatest gift of time my best friend Paula, gave to me. Thank you

The Door-Bell

 My father passed away on Aug 31, 2014.  About two weeks after I would be sitting in my chair in the living room the door-bell would ring and there would be no one at the door when I answered it.  This went on for about 4 weeks, a different day of the week could be Tuesday one week then maybe Friday the next week.  

 After 4 weeks it stopped. Then my wife of 39 years marriage passed away on October 21, 2014, about two weeks after her passing the door-bell rang at 10:30 in the morning, no one was at the door. Then again at 2:30 pm the door-bell rang again no one at the door. This has gone on for a couple of weeks and now it has stopped.


The Voice

 After my son pass a few days I hear his voice tell me "it's okay mom, I love you" It was the last time I heard my son's voice.  Though it was a dream but I was awake crying.  He was always my comfort when I was upset.

J & A (Los Angeles, CA) - "Message in the Window"

Dad went into a deep decline after Mom's death, but he still insisted in staying at their home of 40+ years, and we needed to find someone who would help take care of him at home. While Mom was dying, we promised her that we would take care of him and that we would try to keep him at home. We found many potential caregivers that could help but we worried greatly about how to know who would be best for dad. We worried about all the nightmare stories of elder abuse by caregivers, etc. Lost a lot of sleep and the last day before having to choose someone, I was having my usual morning coffee looking out the front corner window to see the sunrise and meditating quietly for some guidance. As the sun started to appear, I noticed the window facing the sun had a smudge on the right bottom corner, and as I was about to get up to clean it, I started to notice letters in the smudge. The letters spelled out a short name. Then it hit me, the letters spelled out the name of one of the caregivers we were evaluating. That was a message from Mom, and that was the caregiver we selected. Thank You.

F (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - "Rainy Sunny Day"

After her unexpected death, I could not get myself to leave the hospital. I was outside with my eyes fixed on the clouds above for hours. I kept waiting for a sign that she was ok. I prayed for a few drops or rain to let me know she was ok. No signs. Finally darkness came and friends somehow got me home but don't remember how. 

Close to six months after her passing I had finished my work early and headed to the beach for a few minutes of ocean solitude and meditation. It was a very hot summer day and few people were there so I picked a lonely spot and began to remember her as I looked at the ocean waves. I tried not to, but could not help feel the pain of missing her. It was still as raw as when she passed. I wasn't looking for signs, I was just in pain.
As I was feeling the very hot sun starting to burn, I felt a drop of water on my shoulder, then another one on my head, then another one on my face....but there were no clouds over me in this very hot clear summer day..then more water drops on my legs...I looked around and did not see any rain..then I got up and went to the young woman who was closest to me and asked her if she had felt the rain...and as she looked up at the sky she said "what rain?"

Then, I knew. The rain drops were from her.

"On Memorial Day weekend, families discuss feeling the presence of lost military members"


Greg Gassen remembers the motorcycle trip he made last year to honor his late son, Jacob, an Army medic. The rain poured down on both sides of the road but not on the street where he was riding.

“It was like Moses parting the Red Sea,” Gassen recalled Saturday.

Gabriella Kubinyi was walking on the beach after her Navy husband, Jeff, died last year. She saw scores of dolphins swimming by, and one swimming alone, seemingly by her side.

And when Patricia Kenner visits the grave of her Marine Corps son, Kenneth, and becomes emotional, she hears his voice say, “If you’re going to cry, you might as well leave,” just as he would say in the hospital.

Such signs, voices, apparitions and premonitions can sometimes be a crucial aspect of grieving and healing.

CB (CT) - "The Butterfly"

I had seen Ghost and other movies and TV shows where people who had passed on gave their loved one a sign from beyond that they were ok.  I asked, searched and analyzed everything, looking for a sign to guide me, to believe in that my Dad had not suffered in vain. But none came. Or so I thought.About a month after Dad passed, three separate events happened within a couple weeks of each other, all involving a Monarch Butterfly.  

The first,  while sitting on the back porch at the beach. I was reading a book drinking ice coffee, looked up and noticed a Monarch butterfly perched on the big pot of yellow roses. It hung out for what I thought was longer than normal, then left.  

The second, was a couple of days later. I was reading the Sunday paper while sitting on the back steps at my Moms house in CT. and another Monarch about the same size as the first, flew down and perched itself on the herb plant in the planter next to me. The butterfly was so close, I thought it was reading the paper.  

And the third time was the most bizarre. While walking down the street in New York City where there was no garden within blocks, a Monarch Butterfly, about the same size as the other two, flew down and perched itself on my left shoulder.  It hitched a ride for a couple long city blocks, and then flew off. 
A friend was with me and told me of the significance of Butterflies and rebirth. I told him of the other two events and he said that was definitely your Dad. You see Dad liked to read at the beach; read the Sunday Sports Pages; and knew I am left handed. 

Eric (Washington DC) - "The Empty Seat"

I am gay and married but the sign I would like to share is about the first man I loved and passed away four years back. There are people we feel a special connection with and he was one of them for me. I have no doubt that we lived many past lives together before this one and will live more in the future. The day I met him I felt an energy I had never felt before and from that moment on that energy grew. When we were together it was as if two different types of energies made one beautiful light.  It was about six months after he died and I was sitting in church on a very hot humid summer day. That day was no anniversary or special in any way. It was just a regular Sunday but my mind was not on church but on memories of him. Then I realized that the church was completely packed but the seat directly in front of me was empty. There was nothing wrong with it and all the other seats in that row were taken. It was just the seat right in front of me and as I am realizing this, a ray of light from the stained glass window high above is shining right on that seat and mine but it wasn't hot. It was cold, it was cooling me. Right at that time and without any doubt whatsoever, I felt the same intense energy that I had felt the day I met him. I knew it was him telling me he was ok. 

Paul (Phoenix, Arizona) - "The Call"

I was on my first plane ride after her passing and kept looking out of the window not understanding why this was happening to us. She was not supposed to leave us this early.  But in all my grief I just wanted to find out she was ok but I knew there was no way I would know and that made that plane ride a very long one.  After we landed and still in a daze I walked to my car and turned my cell phone on.  It showed a missed call and when I looked to find out who had tried to call me, it showed her cell phone number. I knew she was ok. 

J(NYC) - "The Doors"

I was at a Church gathering last night on the subject of Grief. I could not accept the fact that I was at a Friday night gathering on Grief because I still cannot accept the fact that he has been gone now for several years, and I am still in pain.  As all this was going thru my head, I heard the  large door behind me open, but when I looked back, it closed by itself, and there was no one there. Ok, it must the air. However, a couple of minutes later, the other door to my right then opened up slowly as if someone was coming in, but again, there was no one there.  We were on the second floor with no windows or doors open so there was no wind or gusts of air. Then, I felt his presence right beside me. The hairs on my arms stood up, and I knew.  It was him. He used to have the bad habit of just walking into rooms without knocking, and every time I would call him on it, he would close the door, and then open it again & come in.  He was there to tell me that I was at the right place this Friday night.

Victor (Newark, NJ) - "The Briefcase"

Mom's death was unexpected and due to a mistake by the hospital staff.  Even though I warned them that something was not right, that her coloring was white and that she was screaming with pain, they told me over and over that it was ok, that she was just depressed.  She wasn't, she was bleeding internally, and she died from that.  I could not sleep, and barely function. I had not been a believer in the mediums that claim to talk with the dead, but I was so desperate that I went to one in Los Angeles at the suggestion of a friend.  Prior to going to my session with the medium, I had a conversation with mom and told her, If this is real, I will need some sign from you that it is.  She did believe in all this, and would often try to get me to go, but I would refuse.  I took an object from her and put it in my briefcase, out of sight of the medium.  A few minutes into the session, the medium tells me that she keeps saying something about a dog, "Did you have a dog?", "Do you have a dog now?" "She is very animate about this dog". Then I knew, I told the medium that no we did not have a dog, and I do not have a dog, but then leaned down to my briefcase, opened, and took out a stuffed dog that mom had given to me when I was a young boy, and I still carried with me to this date. That was the dog. Mom was ok and was sending me a sign she knew I would believe. 

Justin (NY/Puerto Rico)  - "Snoopy"

Mom died at a work accident when I was 14. I even think that we had some signs before her death. I kept dreaming of a big construction crane and flowers. At the same time, we kept getting all these flowers coming up in our garden at the wrong time of the year. It was not until later that I learned that the meaning of my crane and flowers dream was that there was a big change coming our way. Mom's death was not only a shock, but just not believable. Our parents are always supposed to be there, not be gone with no warning. I was so in shock that I did not even want to know all the details of the accident.  The signs came a few weeks after mom's death.  Mom's nickname was Snoopy, and many times, even to this day, when I am having some of the worst days, I somehow will encounter a snoopy or snoopy figure or picture on those days.  One of the first times it happened I was shopping with my family and not feeling like wanting to being at the store at all. I was missing mom and nothing in the world seemed right, but as my brother lifted a box from the display in front of us, there it was a large Snoopy was right behind it and starring at me. I sensed it and knew immediately, that was mom telling me that everything would be ok.  That is only one of the many times in my life that Snoopy has appeared, but in all cases, it has been on tough days. Thank you mom.

Nancy (CT) - "The Bath"

My friend and I have been friends since college.  I had never met his mom, but had always heard all about her, and she had heard of me thru my friend.  She even prayed for me when I was having serious medical issues.  I am a very detailed oriented person, and always check everything before leaving my home. From making sure all the appliances are off to the lights being off in every room, and all windows locked.  The day my friend's mother died, I came home early around 1pm. Upon opening the front door, I heard the sound of running water.  After checking the kitchen, I ran to the bathroom where I found the water in my bathtub running.  The problem was that I had used the shower for the last week, and no one else had entered my house; nor was there any construction going on. I even checked with my neighbors, and none of them experienced this. Right in the middle of my confusion, my friend called grieving, and as I was talking to him, and not knowing why I asked him if his mom liked water and baths.  Still crying, he said "my mom loved baths and showers, and I know that the last few weeks here at the hospital she wanted one but could not due to all the equipment they had her connected to".  Then, I felt it and knew.  My friend's mom was here. 


Paul (NYC) - "The Beam of Light"

For the past 15 years of my life I have gone to the same church, and sat in the same seat, with the exception of sometimes in the holidays when the church gets really crowded. The Church is nestled between two buildings so very little light ever comes in and the area where I sit never gets any sun light at all.  This past Sunday, I sat in the same seat as always and for not apparent reason while I was listening to the reading of how Jesus appeared to the fishermen, I started to think and grief over mom.  It has been a few months now but it feels like yesterday.  I kept looking at the beautiful painting on the top of the church where a Saint has a beam of light coming to him from the sky, and I remember how much she liked that painting.  It was becoming a very painful mass for me and right when I was about to give up and leave, I got very cold and at the same time I was being blinded by a beam of light coming in thru one of the stained glass window on the side of the church. Light in here? impossible? and then I looked around and the light was only hitting my seat and the empty seat next to me. It was mom. 

John (Maryland) - "Laptop"

It was the day after she died. I was on my laptop, and had to start doing all the planning. Had to start letting people know. It was the worst of times and I did not want to be doing that at all. I could not even believe I was actually looking for a funeral home for her. My laptop was only 3 years old and I had never had any problems with it. Then in the middle of the online search for funeral homes the laptop goes dark and two lights start to blink.  Never had a problem with the computer and now this.  At first I thought it was just bad luck, but as I sat there crying starring at the machine. I felt a voice inside telling whispering that the blinking lights was her way of telling me she was ok and that I should do what she always would tell me. Turn off the computer and go outside. 

David (Florida) - "The Leafs in the Storm"

I was looking out the window at church, and the wind was blowing very hard. Leafs were flying everywhere, and no birds in the sky.  I was missing mom very much, and just wanted to know that she was ok. As ridiculous as that sounds for someone at a church service, it was what I was feeling and needing. Just confirmation that she was ok, but I also did not know what to ask for. I just asked god if he could just send me a simple sign, anything, but something I would know was a sign that she was ok. Then out of nowhere, what I thought were leafs flying came closer in view and they were two birds in my window when there were no birds in the stormy and windy sky. I knew mom was ok.

Beverly (NYC/North Carolina) - "The Light thru the Clouds"

I wasn't able to be there when my father died, but my family that was at his bedside told me and took pictures of the Ray of Light that suddenly appear from what had been a very cloudy day and lit up his bed.  I know that was my grandparents helping him on to the tunnel of light, and letting us know that he would be ok and with them.

Dolores (Texas) - "The Red Cardinal"

Sometimes,  signs can also signal that things are going to be okay. When my 
paternal grandfather died 27 years ago, I was sad and sitting by my dining room 
window.  Since I resembled my grandfather's mother, he was quite fond of me and 
so proud of my accomplishments.  I was reminiscing when all of sudden, a bright 
red cardinal perched itself in a bush right in front of the window.  My whole 
time living in CC, I had never seen a cardinal in our area. For some reason, it 
brought such a peace over me. It was as if my grandfather was letting me know 
that he was at peace and not to worry.  Later that week, my parents saw a 
cardinal at their home which was quite a distance from my own. 

When my daughter was physically assaulted in 2010, I stayed with her at her 
apartment.  Not knowing how serious her injuries were, I was beside  myself 
with worry and grief. All of sudden, this red cardinal appeared on her balcony. 

I remembered that sense of  calm brought over me decades ago, and took it as 
another sign from my grandfather that everything was going to be okay.  By the 
grace of God, my daughter did not suffer a broken collar bone or a punctured lung as 
we had thought. 

This past summer, my daughter learned from her boyfriend's mother that she too saw a 
cardinal when she lost her husband and parents all in the same year. 

"Barking Molly"

Just after my husband died -about 25 minutes -

my dog Molly started howling uncontrollably at home where she was being looked after by a relative of ours. This continued for a few minutes. I and my daughter were told this when we got home after saying our goodbyes.

My husband always said he would find a way of letting me know he was ok and he was as close to our dog as he was to me.

He was distressed in the final days that he couldn’t see her and I believe she was the first one to be visited by him once he reached the other side.
I hope this has been of some comfort

State of Rest Before Sleep

My brother passed away in 2014.

I was staying in a nearby hotel, and with him as much as possible when he was in ICU.

He was writing a book I found out after he died about astral projection.

He was somewhat religious, but not a church regular.

I was back in my hotel room and attempting to get much needed sleep when I spoke out loud "there are seven angels flying over your head".

My husband thought I was dreaming but I was not. I was in the state of rest before sleep, a semi-conscious state. I recall being somewhere that I felt my brother there, his presence, but I could not see him.....it was a sense that I just knew he was there.

However, I was scared because I felt it to be a place not for the living.

I could not find my way out, and I was actually talking coherently to my husband that I didn't know where I was, and I couldn't get out....I fought being there.

It was around 3 minutes total, and my conscious mind was able to finally free myself.

Here's what's amazing.

My brother went brain dead at the same minute I found out from the hospital. He was on life support, but all brain waves stopped at the same time I saw ; when I say see the angels it was more of a known fact, I do not recall seeing them but I was no longer in my bed, and was with him in this place I can only explain as purgatory.

It was something I've tried to explain and rationalize to many even in the church, but I don't feel anyone fully understands.

I truly believe he was trying to tell me goodbye and it was how he knew to do it since I was almost asleep. I only regret I wasn't receptive and was very scared at the time because it was not a place I felt I should have been.

I've looked all over the internet for similar stories but find none.

My brother was a Lt. Col USAF fighter commander who was not the typical person in that he had extensive knowledge of Quantum mechanics and physics, Astral Physics and Quantum jumping. It would be interesting if anyone else had anything similar ever happen.

The MyGriefAngels Brothers (Los Angeles, CA) - "The License Plate"

First Sign - The first one was 6 days after her departure.  

We had made plans to fly dad to Houston to spend time with my brothers's family and children. We thought spending some time with the nietos ("grandkids") would help to keep dad busy and entertained. He loved sports and the three boys were in all sports; from baseball to soccer to football and others. 

After Mom's service and everyone's departure, dad was very sad, and we decided to make an appointment for him with his local priest - just to talk about it before our upcoming flight to Houston.  

We parked at the church's parking long, and started to walk on the sidwalk towards the entrance to the rectory.  The rectory and church are on a busy street, and usually lots of cars are parked in front.  That Tuesday, only one car was parked in the entire half block the church and rectory covered.  The vehicle was a White Van, and it happened to be parked right in front of the entrance to the rectory, where we had to turn left. 

As we walked towards the rectory, I was so tired that I was just looking to the ground, but as we got to the entrance, something inside told me to look to my left, and as I did, I saw the sign.

My entire life I was called by my middle name by my folks.   It was only when we got to this country, that I had to go by my first name, and my parents were too used to my middle name to change.  My middle name is not a common name in the US, and definitely not in Los Angeles. In fact, I had never seen my middel name in any of those pre-made mugs, keychains, not even other kids with the same name.  The only place I had seen my last name written anywhere was in Paris when I was going for my morning run, and saw a graffittin wall that said "Amaury Negotiations". To this day, I have not clue what that was about, but my middle name is Amaury, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it written somewhere for the first time; even if it was graffitti.

As I looked over to my right to the White Van parked, I saw its license plate, and that was the second time I had seen my middle name written anywhere, and definitely, the first time in LA.  The Licence plate was "AMAURY1".

I knew that was a sign from mom and told my brother right behind me to take a look at it. He thought the same thing.  However, the sign was not just to say "I am Ok".  I knew the sign was telling us she wanted us to pay attention to what was about to take place in the rectory in the talk with the priest.  Therefore, I turned to my brother and said - I have no clue what the talk is going to be about, but Mom wants us to pay close attention to it.

We sat down with the priest, and we didn't tell him anything about the sign so not to take focus away from his talk with dad.  As he asked dad how he was doing, we expected dad to tell him how sad he was, but what came out of dad's mouth floored my brother and I - He went on and on how he thought he was going to die in the flight to Houston because he was afraid of flying and thought he was going to have a heart attack.  He went on and on.  

At that time, we knew what Mom wanted.  Dad had always been afraid of flying because of an emergency landing he was in a while back.  His flight lost an engine en route and had to make an emergency landing in the middle of a snow storm.  After he agreed to take the plane with us to Houston, we thought he was finally over his fear, but he wasn't. 

Mom had always told us not to push him to fly in the past because she was afraid that he was older and could medical problems in the flight from his fear, so we had not. 

Mom's sign was again telling us to pay attention to his fear, and drive him - We did.

"The Futurist"

Second Sign - We are still not sure of what this sign means, but this past Sunday night, our younger brother could not sleep all night, and my middle brother had nightmares about my younger brother in Houston, so unexpectedly he called us that monday morning to share that with us, so my younger brother could be careful.

Today, Tuesday, I drove Dad back to our family's home, and upon entering the house, I found one item had fallen from the fireplace's mantel, but nothing else was disturbed. All Picture frames were standing, and everything elese on the mantel was there.  The item on the floor was my younger brother's "Futurist" award, and it had not broken, nor had it fallen directly in front of the fireplace (brick bench where it would have broken), but it was further away on the carpet, so it was not broken, as if someone had placed it there. 

After asking our neighbors whether there had been any earthquakes in the last 3 days, and being told that there had not been  - I knew that was Mom, and between that sign and my middle brothers' dream she was clearly telling us something about our younger brother.  However, we have no clue as to what, but we immediatly called my yonger brother and told him to wear his medic alert (which mom had always insisted he should wear).  

"Rose that Grew from Concrete"

When my mom passed away I was only 21 and it was very hard to go through.

I felt alone in the world and angry I lost my mother.

She struggled with addiction my entire life.

I watched her slowly slip away.

I turned to poetry which is something my mother and I both love.

She would write poems for me often to express her love for me.

I stumbled upon the poetry book ,

"The Rose that grew from the concrete" by Tupac Shakur.

My favorite poem was "When ure hero falls ".

One day I returned back to the home I grew up in with my mother.

Right by the gate to enter the backyard was

a beautiful marigold flower growing from a crack in the concrete.

I had an overwhelming feeling that I just knew

it was a sign from my mother.

I couldn't believe it was there.

I asked my family members if they purposely had planted the flower that way.

They didn't but I was so shocked, and in disbelief.

It brought me so much comfort.

I took a photo of the flower and I will cherish it forever."

Additional sites and resources, suggested by site-visitors, that deal with signs from our loved ones:

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/real_life/4636931/sally-woodmansee-talking-to-tony-letters.html - Comfort ... Sally Woodmansee gets letters from her late son Tony. Dead son told me heaven is colorful. Tony's letter to his grieving mother Sally Woodmansee "sent from above"

TONY ON GOD - “God is the whole light, the full sense of love and good in us all. Whether we hang on tightly to all that or let it slip away is our own decision. “God is not a person. Feel good about yourself and you’re feeling God. To give love and to feel love, to love yourself, is to love God. That’s all it takes.”

TONY ON HEAVEN / The Simple Philosophy of Heaven: The true story of the unbreakable bond between mother and son - “Once you have arrived, you go to communities that are full of people you will have been connected and familiar with on Earth — family, friends and faces you know that have at some time crossed paths with your life. “It all helps in the settling in process, especially if you are young and your life is cut short or even if your passing is sudden but you weren’t ready to leave the life you loved.. “Who we are spiritually creates our boundaries here and our journey through life and beyond the physical. It is how the life we lead on Earth reflects the life we continue with here and learning to improve who we are... to love each other, genuinely love each other. “It is not a saying, it is a doing.” 

http://www.pbs.org/thisemotionallife/blogs/communicating-deceased - Communicating with the Diseased

http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Who-and-What-You-See-Before-You-Die - What We Can't Explain at the End of Life: Who and What You See Before You Die...Visions.

http://www.signsfromourlovedones.com/ - Signs From Our Loved Ones, is just that... the countless different ways in which our loved ones can and do connect with us through signs and messages


http://www.throughtheeyesofanother.com/articles/the-ten-most-common-signs-deceased-loved-ones-give-to-let-us-know-they-are-around.php - The Ten Most Common Signs Deceased Loved Ones Give to Let Us Know They Are Around

http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/10/18/o.end.of.life/index.html - Do the dead greet the dying?

http://www.channelingerik.com/about/ - Erik Rune Medhus, my 20 year old son, took his own life on October 6, 2009. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers.Through dreams, visitations and channeling, he describes what happens during the death process

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