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If you are grieving the loss of a loved one,

you know that holidays are some of the toughest times of the year. 

We reached out to several members of our online community who have experienced different types of losses, are of different ages/genders/social status/religion or no religion, and are at various number of years since their loss occurred to get their stories and thoughts on how they get thru Holidays themselves.

Their general advice was for us to include links to some of the articles that have been written on suggestions about getting thru the holidays,

which you will find at the end of this page. 

However, their unanimous advice

was to

keep it real and not rose-colored the experience of the holidays


- Please know that while we hope you are one of the fortunate people grieving that seem to be able to get thru the holidays following some or all of the advice and suggestions given by some of the articles shared below,

- The  reality for most of us in this group of contributors is that  

the "Holidays" are going to be painful for each of us and

that pain can vary with the number of years since your loss, 

the type of loss you have experienced,

your support network, and

your holiday grieving strategy.

Yes - your holiday grieving strategy,

which is as unique to each of us as our DNA.

Also, please know that most of us have found that regardless of

how wealthy you are or are not,

money will not lessen the challenge of grieving thru the holidays.  

After you have acknowledged 

the challenge of getting thru the holidays,

touched it,

felt it, and

accepted the fact that holidays are painful for millions of people grieving worldwide - including ourselves - you are on your way to not just getting thru it, but on a mission to device the strategy that will work best for you. 

First thing each of us needs to do is 

to be good to ourselves, 

be healthy,

don't let alcohol, drugs, smoking, overeating

or any other negative physical/mental influences

take over your holiday grieving process,

and if you fear that one or more of these are taking over or have taken over -

Please stop reading this and

seek immediate and

urgent mental health help

by calling your local emergency number (in the USA - it is usually 911)

Some of the advice given in the articles below

may seem absolutely ridiculous for many of us,

but the key is to read thru all these advice and tips stories and

write down the ones that might work for you.

Test them out, and

among all the failures many of us found -

we also found 1 or 2 that have actually helped,

and you will too. 

You may need to cry, to shout out, to run, to talk, to seek mental health and/or grief support, to travel, to walk, to connect with others facing similar type of loss,  to volunteer at a food pantry,  or whatever you need to do -

it is your own unique holiday grieving strategy. 

And please 

never forget, that like you and us, 

there are millions that grieved before us;

there are millions that are grieving now and

there will be millions that will grief after us - 

so we are not the only ones facing this challenge on the Holidays or 

in the grieving process we are now going thru, and

maybe some of what we learned

in developing our own strategy for getting thru the holidays

can be of help to others after us.  



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