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If you are, will be or have been and are interested in resources and information on Grief and Loss for Caregivers , one suggestion by caregiver members of our community is:


The My Grief Angels team of staff and volunteers works with Communities, Churches, Corporations, Organizations and other groups to put together comprehensive and customized online grief support resources, education and services for their members, residents, employees, customers, suppliers, and others worldwide. 

We work with Corporations and Organizations to provide employees dealing with the  loss of a loved one with customized programs that help the individual employee; their family; their work colleagues and the employers throughout the grieving process. ​​

​​"My partner and I both felt the loss deeply, but while I sent condolences to her family and expressed heartfelt grief, he turned his grief into action. He flew to the family’s side, assisted with funeral arrangements, and established a scholarship to educate her child. He did all this quietly and without fanfare. His decisive actions put my expressions of sympathy to shame."  

Joel Peterson, Chairman, JetBlue Airways, Professor, Stanford GSB

"Any sadness a friend’s question might stir is far offset by the joy of knowing that they care and recognize your grieving. Talking about loss is cathartic and an important step in the healing process. By asking, you help your friend grieve." ​

Great Falls Tribune/USA Today Network  

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