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Weill Cornell Center for Research on End-of-Life Care  

Cornell University - Link to Grief Scale:

​"This Grief Intensity Scale assesses common thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people who have lost someone important to them. The scale is meant to capture the grieving respondent’s intensity of his or her reaction to the loss. This diagnostic tool helps assess a person’s risk of developing prolonged grief disorder (PGD) following the death of a loved one. There are particular symptoms that must be elevated at 6 months in order to meet criteria for PGD. If a respondent meets criteria, he or she should seek out more thorough evaluation from a mental health professional. We have this scale available in a variety of languages."

Psychcentral Grief & Loss Quiz 

"This quiz is designed to help give you understand whether you may be affected by complicated grief due to the death or loss of a loved one"

Oxford Academy

"A Brief, 6-Item Scale for Caregiver Grief in Dementia Caregiving. Abstract: Purpose - Caregivers of persons with dementia (PWD) can experience loss and grief long before the death of the person. Although such experience of caregiver grief is measurable, available scales (such as the Marwit–Meuser Caregiver Grief Inventory, MM-CGI) are lengthy and have overlaps with other caregiving constructs. We developed a briefer scale that captures the essence of caregiver grief—with comparable psychometric properties and total score to MM-CGI, as well as less overlap with other caregiving constructs."​

CESD-R Depression Scale - Link to the online scale

"The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CESD) was created in 1977 by Laurie Radloff, and revised in 2004 by William Eaton and others. The CESD-R is a screening test for depression and depressive disorder. The CESD-R measures symptoms defined by the American Psychiatric Association' Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) for a major depressive episode"

The Beck Depression Test

"The Beck Depression Inventory is a test that measures the severity of a person’s depression. According to the Beck Depression Inventory test manual, this self-report measure is not to be used as a diagnostic tool but only serves to assess the severity of depressive symptoms

Brown University

Grief & Bereavement. Listing of potential instruments. Based on the review of the literature, 24 potential instruments were identified, listed and reviewed at link provided above.