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ecological grief

'ecological grief'

is the

mental health cost of climate change

The emotional and psychic toll of ecological grief (also termed "solastagia" by philosopher Glenn Albrecht) is an expanding field of inquiry among both climate scientists and mental health professionals.

There is real grief for the loss not only of possessions,

but the changing landscape that people are experiencing.- Katie Hayes

The research suggests climate-related ecological losses trigger grief experiences in multiple ways, including people grieving for lost landscapes,


species, or

places that carry personal or collective meaning.

"Ecological grief can include a vast spectrum,

whether it's specific things like eco-anxiety related to our environment,

or PTSD after experiencing an extreme weather event,"

said Katie Hayes, a PhD candidate at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

First Step To

'Eco-Grieving' Over Climate Change?

Admit There's A Problem

Just thinking about the impacts of a shifting climate

is making some people feel anxious and overwhelmed.

A support group in Utah is helping people cope,

and the idea has drawn interest in other states.

Just thinking about the impacts of a shifting climate is making some,

feel anxious and overwhelmed.

This support group, which began meeting last year,

is helping people cope.

"And I think I came to the conclusion that it was the loss of the future —

the future that I had lived knowing was going to be there —

all of a sudden is gone," he says.

"And that is really disorienting."